Antispammers and Abuse-C

Dear antispammers! Could you be so kind as updating your software to match the algorithm, developed by the incredible RIPE people. May I help you?

Again and again we get abuse mails about IP adresses of our customers. But we inserted the correct abuse-c entries into the RIPE DB.

The reason is simple: If you ask the RIPE DB for such an IP, you will get two contraticting results:

$ whois -h a.b.c.d | fgrep -i abuse
% Abuse contact for 'a.b.c.x - a.b.c.y' is 'abuse@kunde.example'
abuse-mailbox:  abuse@isp.invalid

Ok, we created the problem by ourself: The tech-c of many inet*num is the abuse-c of our own org object.

That might be a masochistic approach, but it really help to detect the corner cases in the programms of anti-abuse activists. Such bugs need to be fixed, simply because you have to be correct yourself if you are going to complain somewhere.

I do fill response forms and even phone those activists in order to get their software fixed. Usually I get upset after half an hour.

So let me summarize: Either you are grep the "Abuse contact ..." comment provided by RIPE or you implement the correct algorithm:

#! /bin/sh

getripe="whois -h --"

$getripe -rL -T inetnum,inet6num "$1" | egrep '^org:' | while read ot ov; do
  $getripe -r -T organisation $ov | egrep '^abuse-c:' | while read at av; do
    $getripe -r $av | fgrep abuse-mailbox
done | tail -1

It is really that hard?

Lutz Donnerhacke 13/11/2013 10:16 am
Wer automatisiert Beschwerde-EMails versendet, sollte an die richtige Adresse schreiben.

Ihr selbst schreibt dazu:

"Please change your whois record first, if you think that we should use another email address. The best way to do this is to use an abuse-c (RIPE and LACNIC), orgAbuseHandle (ARIN) or similar fields or objects defined by your local registry for your whois record to direct abuse reports to the right email address."

Genau das habe ich getan. Und nun? Ihr nehmt die falsche Adresse.

Fixt Eure verdammte Software. Ansonsten werdet ihr wie Spammer behandelt.
Voll die Hacke 13/11/2013 9:23 am
Wie bloed ist das denn ?
Der abuse-c ist noch nicht Pflicht, ergo: duerfen sowohl die eMailadresse des abuse-c also auch abuse-mailbox genutzt werden.

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